The Jost Project | Can’t find my way home

  • Release date: 2013-08-06
  • Label: Dot Time Records
  • Catalog #: DT9024


Paul Jost, Vocals, Harmonica & Guitar | Tony Miceli, vibes | Kevin MacConnell, Double bass | Charlie Patierno, Drums

Album Details

Paul Jost (vocals, harmonica), Tony Miceli (vibraphones) and Kevin MacConnell (acoustic bass) make up the jazz collective initially formed by Tony and Kevin, with the purpose of performing the rock music they grew up with in a jazz format. The seeds of this idea were planted in Tony’s 2005 recording “Hippie Jazz”. When Tony heard Paul, a multi-talented musician as well as vocalist, he felt such a strong musical connection that he invited him to be part of the group. This debut CD includes our take on rock/pop classics such as “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” (Iron Butterfly), “What a Day For a Day Dream” (John Sebastian; Loving Spoonful); “Sunshine Superman” (Donovan); “Walk This Way” (Aerosmith) and many more.


The Jost Project is without a doubt one of the most creative bands I have heard for years and vocalist Paul Jost one of the best male jazz vocalists that I have heard since Mark Murphy.” - Johan van Deeg, Jazz In Europe

 “Jost is truly an exceptional singer, instrumentalist and arranger …He masters every thinkable nuance of the singer’s palette, from lightning-fast scatting to smoky, blues phrasings and elegant crooning.” - Jakob Baekgaard, All About Jazz

 “Their jazz arrangements of tunes are so inventive and fresh, and it’s exciting to watch these veteran players. Paul’s voice is amazingly nimble, so soulful and haunting…simply divine!” - Laura Munich, Main Line Jazz Festival producer